Here I Am!

My name is Gabrielle and I'm the owner of Adem Verde - Rare & Exotic Plants.

I've always been fascinated by nature and its creations. I grew up on an island, so I was surrounded by plants and animals.

I became interested in rare plants when I started importing them for my personal collection.
I quickly realized that there was a demand for these types of plants and that I could help people build their own collections. So I started Rare Plants.

We are a company that is passionate about plants and we want to help you grow your own collection of rare plants. We offer a wide variety of rare plants from all over the world, so you can find the perfect plant for your collection.

We are here to help you find the right plant for your collection and to provide you with the resources you need to grow your collection. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!